Tennessee Blue Book: A History of Tennessee - Student Edition

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The Tennessee Blue Book: A History of Tennessee- Student Edition is written for students in upper elementary and middle school who are studying the history of Tennessee.

Audience: Elementary School, Middle School

The text aligns with the Tennessee social studies curriculum standards and features helpful terms and definitions as well as primary sources that complement the text.

  • The Land and Native People
  • Struggle for the Frontier
  • From Territory to Statehood
  • Tennessee's Coming of Age
  • The Age of Jackson
  • The Time of Troubles
  • Reconstruction and Rebuilding
  • Early Twentieth Century
  • Modern Tennessee

For those unfamiliar with the Tennessee Blue Book, it serves as a manual of useful information on the state and government, both past and present. It contains information on the makeup of state government, state history, national and state constitutions, most recent election results, and census data. 

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