The Tennessean (1812 - 2009)

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Digitized pages of The Tennessean (1812-2009) provide unique historical insight into the regional issues and concerns, such as local government, industrialization, prohibition, and racial struggles.

Audience: Middle School, High School, College/Research, Public, Genealogy

​This diverse, easily accessible primary source material is an invaluable tool for effective research by users in almost any field. 

The Tennessean has been published under many names: Nashville Whig, The Nashville Whig and Tennessee Advertiser, Republican BannerNashville Republican, Nashville Republican & State Gazette, Daily American, The Nashville American, and Nashville Tennessean and the Nashville American.

  • Full access to the historical newspaper: Users can study the progression of issues over time by browsing entire issues, including news articles, photos, advertisements, classified ads, obituaries and cartoons from 1812-2009.
  • Insight into multiple perspectives: On the intuitive ProQuest platform, users can find a broader view of issues and events by cross-searching all the complete runs of The Tennessean.
  • User-friendly support tools to facilitate research: issues are searchable by keyword, date ranges, specific dates, author and more. Users can find relevant material quickly with hit-term highlighting and download PDFs of articles or images.


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