Memphis Commercial Appeal

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*NEW RESOURCE* -The Memphis Commercial Appeal is a daily newspaper founded in Memphis,Tennessee. It covers the news in Memphis and the surrounding area from the 1840s to today.

Audience: Middle School, High School, College/Research, Public, Genealogy

The Memphis Commercial Appeal is most widely known for its coverage of civil rights issues, including coverage of segregation, the Memphis sanitation strike, and the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Full access to the historical newspaper: Users can study the progression of issues over time by browsing entire issues, including news articles, photos, advertisements, classified ads, obituaries and cartoons.
  • Insight into multiple perspectives: On the intuitive ProQuest platform, users can find a broader view of issues and events by cross-searching all the complete runs of The Commercial Appeal.
  • User-friendly support tools to facilitate research: issues are searchable by keyword, date ranges, specific dates, author and more. Users can find relevant material quickly with hit-term highlighting and download PDFs of articles or images.


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