Usage Reports

TEL's usage has been historically tracking searches, sessions, and full text retrievals. Although usage reports tell only part of the story of your library, they do provide some insight about what electronic collections are being used by your patrons.

If your library has static IP numbers, you may set up your library with direct urls for each TEL database. This will track database usage from within your library.  If your library is not a registered library with TEL and does not have a location ID, email By registering your library location with your static IP numbers, you will be able to create direct urls for resources and collect usage statistics for your library using the Link Generator

Once you have requested admin access, the registered admin will be able to retrieve usage reports every month by going to the database vendors' statistical services websites.

ProQuest HeritageQuest Online usage statistics are only available at the consortial level. 

Note that individual library statistics cannot be compiled for libraries that use the TEL Portal at this time. Because of the geolocation software, the TEL Portal was setup as the main TEL site and all visits to the site and searches will be counted at the consortial level.