TEL Link Generator

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Use the TEL Link Generator to create customized TEL database URLs for your library.

These URLs are unique to your library, allow you to collect usage statistics for your institution, and include geolocation authentication so your patrons can access TEL resources without entering a username or password. For each TEL vendor, enter your library’s account information (e.g., Location ID for Gale; Token for ProQuest Tennessean) and click Go. Simply copy and paste the URLs when building your library's web site.  Direct URLs are not available for HeritageQuest and  

If you don’t know your institution’s account information, please contact the vendors directly for that information.

Need a location ID? 

If your library is not a registered library with TEL and does not have a location ID, email By registering your library location, you will be able to create direct urls for resources and collect usage statistics for your library.  What is Geo-IP authentication? 

Geo IP Technology allows your local residents instant access to your resources without any authentication. It checks the IP address of the device you use to access the resources and compares it to a database of all IPs known to originate within Tennessee. Once your IP address is validated, you can access TEL online resources without being asked for any logon or password.


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